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What do you think of writing a story to fit a market?

That is, you find that a publication is looking for, e.g., stories about butterflies. You think "gee, I could write a story about butterflies" and proceed to do so.

As opposed to going through your already-written stories and finding one about butterflies, or writing the story first and then looking through the available markets for one that might be interested in it. For some reason the last approach seems, to be (widely regarded as) the "purest" of the three, is there anything to this or is that just a silly prejudice?

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So I guess it's time I posted something here. I've been trying to get up the nerve to write from my past, they're places I don't want to go to, but I figure I should confront them at some point, and what better way then with the armaments of writing to do it.

As I'm slowly working on my memoir of sorts, I'll post chunks here. Feel free to critique, comment, psychoanalyze, whateva. Just be constructive por favor. K, so here we go. Chunk one of Chapter One.

When my father smashes Eliza backwards into the bathroom doorCollapse )
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