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Making Fear Work for You

::and saving your sanity in the process::

Touching a Nerve
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It's a difficult, sometimes impossible task to really let yourself go when you write, dig into personal experiences, feelings, "the type of memories that turn your bones to glass"*, in order to make your writing richer and more evocative. Even if our subject matter isn't always something that's close to our true selves, in most cases we end up leaving at least small imprint of ourselves on the pages.

touchinganerve is for those of us who have difficulty reaching into some of those corners, the dark or just the dusty ones and being able to turn them into something useful, something that will make us the skilled, insightful writers we all (hopefully) have the talent to become. It's a terrifying process in which we have to consider how far we're willing to go, to push ourselves and make something work, to reach the goals we set for ourselves. Sometimes that process is easier with a little help and guidance.


1. Membership is moderated for now. No particular qualifications are necessary to get in, I just like to keep things organized.

2. Let's try to keep posts friends-only. It makes it easier to discuss certain subjects that we might not want to in our personal journals.

3. Posting samples of your own writing or what you're currently working on is optional but certainly welcomed; that being said please refrain from "constructive" criticism unless the poster requests it.

4. Be honest, be as open as your comfort level allows. Otherwise, what's the point of joining?

Your moderator is porcelain72, though the community is nothing without active members and interaction. Feel free to e-mail me at porcelain72 at yahoo.com with any questions or concerns.

*From Smog's 'Cold-Blooded Old Times'